Invoke the power within you.

Sobèk was a revered ancient Egyptian deity associated with pharaonic power.   At Sobèk, our goal is to invoke those powers that reside within you with our unique fashion. We integrate the elegance of the wild to satisfy your unique appeal for sophisticated fashion and individuality. 


Embrace the elegance of the wild.

At Sobèk, we strive to provide you with accessories and fashion that you will not find anywhere else.



Exotic Leathers

Our exotic leathers are hand picked by us ensuring the ultimate quality from the best tanneries in the world.

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It all starts with the perfect leather....

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Enjoy the New Year 2024 with generous discounts!

Dare to be different.

Embrace exotic elegance with our unique handbags.

Sobèks Bohemian Bags

Exotic leather apparel as unique as you.

Exotic leathers have their own unique character and beauty. No two leathers will ever be alike.

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Featured collection

Custom exotic leather shoes made especially for you.

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