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Lemon Snakeskin Fanny Pack

Lemon Snakeskin Fanny Pack

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• This is a One of a Kind luxury handbag you will not find anywhere else!  It is hand crafted from ethically sourced Italian python leather of the finest quality.  This fanny pack features a special back compartment for easy access to a cell phone.  This purse is beautifully embellished with a silver Egyptian scarab representing rebirth and regeneration.

• Vibrant Colors: The bag showcases a captivating array of vibrant colors shades of lemon yellow, adding a lively and eye-catching element to your style.

• Texture: With its distinct scaly matte soft texture, this python leather makes this fanny pack visually intriguing to behold and touch.

• Interior: A black inner lining protects everything inside, and a special pocket keeps smaller things, such as your phone, safe and secure.

• Dimensions:

23.0 cm x 27.0cm x 12.0cm

(Length x Height x Width)

Ships from the USA.  No California Sales.


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